How to link your Archive or documentary collection

We invite co-operatives, federations, leaders, employees, and relatives of deceased co-operativists, who have documentation related to the history of co-operativism, who want to preserve it and value it, to contact us to become a part of the AHCA.

Whether they are already organized as archives or sets of isolated materials—written, photographic, audiovisual, etc.—it is important to make them available to the public, to link the history of the co-operatives of our country, both past and present.

Dissemination is relevant not only to offer the documentary collections scattered throughout the national territory and make them available to researchers, co-operative members and the general public, but also to help the institutions or people who possess them to adequately preserve the different types of materials. The Archive's work team is trained to provide guidelines to restore and minimize the deterioration caused by the passage of time, storage places, and the weather, among other factors.

We also offer training in conservation, restoration and archiving.

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