• Enrich the historical heritage of Argentine co-operativism through the recovery, creation and promotion of documents and oral sources, organized in a documentation center made up of its own documentary archive, an oral archive, a newspaper archive, a library and a public access database with information on the documentary resources existing in the different organizations of the movement and in local and sector archives.
  • Recover, preserve and organize the documentation, oral sources and materials related to the activity of co-operatives and federations at the local, national and international level.
  • Extend knowledge to university professionals and different actors of co-operativism for the recovery and preservation of the historical memory in general and of co-operativism in particular.
  • Produce dissemination and training materials for the different levels of the educational system, and for the members of co-operative entities.
  • Spread the historical heritage of co-operativism in co-operative organizations, educational institutions of all levels, universities and the community.
  • Show the results of the project in the form of digital or physical materials, both in museum settings and in other exhibition spaces.